Affiliate Publisher Network

Affiliate Publisher Network

The SHOP.COM Affiliate Publisher Network offers a public API to search and retrieve real-time product details for SHOP.COM products. The API provides powerful search capabilities to refine product selections that are relevant to the user or application. It gives real-time details of SHOP.COM products and can also calculate shipping and tax to help predict total order amounts. The API provides pre-formatted links that include affiliate IDs to support the APN affiliate marketing program. The API is RESTful, secure, easy to implement and best of all it’s FREE!

There are two paths you can pursue to make money with our APIs:

Affiliate Publisher

  • Have your own APN Publisher_ID from, or work with another APN
  • Commissions are paid to APN Affiliate Publishers for referring shoppers that place qualified orders. Earn with these commissions using your own APN Publisher ID, or provide your services to another APN Publisher. Get listed on our roster of certified APN developers.

App Developer

  • Build applications and widgets that APN Publishers or other interested parties will want to use
  • Earn royalties for your applications we publish to the SHOP.COM App


Thank you for your interest in the SHOP.COM developer portal. Please submit your ideas and feedback to us. Before registering with our developer portal, or if you do not have a publisherID, you can explore our APN API using publisherID=TEST.

Once you register with our developer portal, your API rate plan will be 5 calls/second with no quota. You will have an “organization” that you can manage and invite other developers into, and you will be able to create as many “applications” as you wish. For each application, you will associate the APIs to be used.