API  Documentation

The Affiliate Publisher Network offers public web services to search and retrieve product details from SHOP.COM. The API provides powerful search capabilities to refine product selections that are relevant to the user or application. This includes searching products by category, brand, vendor, price range, and of course text terms.  The developer will have access to details of SHOP.COM products as well as calculated shipping and tax to help predict total order amounts. The API provides pre-formatted links that include affiliate IDs to support the Affiliate Publisher Network program.

The services are RESTful, secure, easy to implement, and best of all it’s FREE!

There are two opportunities with the APN services:

  1. Do not participate in the APN program.  Leverage the services to build web and mobile applications.  In this mode, use “TEST” for the required parameter – publisherId.
  2. Participate in the APN program.  Register at affiliate.shop.com to get your own APN publisherId.  Use the APN services to create applications and promotions to drive traffic to the SHOP.COM site, or use the APN tools to place promote our products on your sites/blogs and earn revenue share for new customer orders!